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Jonathan Ziegler

Jonathan Ziegler,
Sr. Programmer Analyst/Team Leader

Latest Release Highlights

HPE Shadowbase for HPE NonStop, Version 6.410 was released for General Availability (GA) for HPE Integrity NonStop i systems (H and J series), and HPE Integrity NonStop X systems (L series). It includes several important new features:

  • The new version of the collector, SBCOLL, now supports bi-directional replication for Enscribe files and SQL/MP tables (bi-directional replication of SQL/MX replication is already supported). SBCOLL is now our current collector and will receive the majority of future enhancements as we work to retire AUDCOLL (AUDCOLLN) in a future release.
  • We have added a much-requested feature to prevent erroneous updates in a sizzling-hot-takeover (SZT) configuration by preventing the target database from replicating back to the source database. With this feature, Reverse Replication Cutoff, the collector can be configured on the target system for how it handles events that would normally be replicated back to the source system. The collector can be configured to:
    • Suspend when it sees an event to be replicated
    • Skip the event and continue reading the audit trails
    • Replicate the event

Of course, the normal bi-directional cutoff processing still happens; the cutoff only applies to events generated outside of replication from the source to the target. This enhancement is of particular interest to active/passive RDF customers when they migrate to HPE Shadowbase software and leverage the more-advanced bi-directional Shadowbase architectures. Additional features to note:

  • Added support for large Enscribe entry sequenced files (added in L17.08)
  • Simplified configuring bi-directional replication for most environments
  • Updated versions of SAR and SQL Compare, including a new repair option for SQL Compare to allow for correcting differences found during a comparison

A new Enscribe DDL “Flattener” and SQL table create utility, SBDDLUTL will be released later this year. The utility converts Enscribe data definition language (DDL) into a separate/new “flattened” file schema format so that they can be translated into a corresponding SQL CREATE TABLE script. The SQL CREATE TABLE script can be created for any of the HPE Shadowbase-supported SQL targets, including SQL/MP, SQL/MX, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, DB2, SAP Hana, and others.

SBMAP, a new mechanism will also be released later this year. It provides data transformation and mapping rules to the HPE Shadowbase for HPE NonStop replication engine using a scripting language in a lightweight, readable format using SQL/MP functions for transformation without the need for custom user exits.

Development is in progress for HPE Shadowbase for HPE NonStop, Version 6.5, which is focused on enhancements for HPE Shadowbase ZDL, but also includes improvements in other areas. HPE Shadowbase ZDL will leverage the new audit flush record to remove the need for the metronome process, which allows for simplified configuration, reduced overhead, and improved application latency.

HPE Shadowbase for Other Servers, Version 6.4 future release focuses on support for the latest features to all of our supported platforms, as well as support for Database of Change (DOC) file data at rest encryption. User exit entry points will allow for encryption on the write into the DOC files, and decryption on the read from the DOC files.

Other planned enhancements include:

  • Further enhancements to our support for SZT configurations
  • Better parallelism for heavily updated tables by further partitioning replication of a single table or partition on multiple threads

As always, please keep us abreast of your future technology direction, needs, and wants in the data replication, data integration, and data synchronization space so we can plan to meet them accordingly.

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