Focus on Shadowbase Product Management

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Keith B. Evans Shadowbase Product Management

As you know, Gravic has been in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for several years now for global HPE Shadowbase sales, support, and services. Gravic is a price-book partner, and works closely with your HPE account team on satisfying our mutual customers’ goals. With the recent (and formal) announcement that HPE’s own replication product, RDF, is approaching mature status, we are experiencing a significant uptick in HPE Shadowbase sales as we assist customers upgrading from RDF in the marketplace. These migrations are similar to the other competitive migration projects we have underway for assisting customers for replacing their Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) and Attunity solutions. If this issue is also on your mind, please contact your local HPE account team or for more information.

I would also like to briefly focus on our new capabilities in both the IBM® DB2 mainframe replication space as well as our new zero data loss (ZDL) capabilities. First, the new IBM DB2 source replication capability should open a whole host of new opportunities for HPE Shadowbase sales. Many of our existing customers, and a large percentage of potential customers, are in the financial services space and most of them have IBM “big iron” in their datacenters. Our new capabilities allow us to finally integrate these DB2 environments more fully into the HPE NonStop environments we already support. For more information, read the new HPE Shadowbase solution brief. Please note that Gravic also now provides support for SAP® HANA as a target for HPE Shadowbase replication environments.

On the ZDL front, we are finally getting close to birthing our active/passive uni-directional Shadowbase product through the HPE New Product Introduction (NPI) process. Almost an entire year has passed since we released this capability in the Gravic product suite, but now we are very close to releasing it in the HPE Shadowbase product suite. We expect it will drive a nice stream of HPE Shadowbase interest and sales. In order to increase the applicability of ZDL to more customer environments, we are planning to release our first bi-directional version in an upcoming release. We are planning another full year of incremental improvements over the next 12-18 months so that we can add additional capabilities that are not available in the initial release.

As we head into the busy fall tradeshow season, we plan to maintain our push into new geographical regions by providing additional training to HPE pre-sales, sales, and solution architects via the Partner Technical Update (PTU) events. Planning and holding these events has helped Gravic – along with our HPE price-book partners, XYPRO and Idelji – to gain penetration into key regions, allow us to provide education on new deliverable features, and advise the local sales and field teams on how to best sell our products. We will again hold a PTU event prior to the Connect TBC show. HPE personnel should contact us to register for these important regional events.

It is an exciting time for the Shadowbase Products Group!

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