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Keith B. Evans Shadowbase Product Management

Hello everyone,

Thank you for being an HPE Shadowbase customer, partner, reseller, or other interested party! We are glad that you have invested your precious time and energy with us, and we look forward to earning your business! For those of you attending the HPE NonStop Technical Boot Camp, please take a look at our Shadowbase Fall Tradeshow Events for the various talks that we are presenting. If you are from HPE, please attend our internal Partner Technical Update (PTU) event on Friday, November 11 to have an inside look at the current and future plans we have for HPE Shadowbase.

We want to point out that Shadowbase Online Loader (SOLV) will clear your vision if you are worried about a “fuzzy” view of your data. Traditional target database loading gives you a fuzzy view of your data for an extended time. The ETL loaded data represents a snapshot of the past, and is old and stale until replication refreshes the offline loaded target data from the replication queue files. For a large database, this replication could take days or weeks to resolve, a time during which your target data is fuzzy and incomplete.

Instead, Gravic provides a patented online loader called SOLV which clears your vision. Replication and target database loading happen at the same time and are coordinated so that the data in the target database is current and matches the source database. Double vision is gone and your data is available without a big-bang cutover, which could be a thud. SOLV is a unique capability only available to HPE Shadowbase users.

Please note that this summer, Gravic published a new solution brief, Shadowbase Data Protection, and a new white paper, Hardware vs Software Data Replication for Business Continuity. Gravic also published a new article, Leveraging a Big Data Analytics Engine for Meaningful Insights, in the Summer issue of Connect Converge.  To read more about these new publications, please see New Shadowbase White Paper, Article, and Solution Brief.

We have a lot of exciting product features both recently delivered as well as on the horizon. For information on new Shadowbase software releases, please visit Shadowbase Development News. For more information on SOLV, or to discuss your specific future data replication and data integration feature/product needs, please contact us or your local HPE account team.