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Shadowbase Event Management System (EMS) Monitoring

During the course of any given business day, the main EMS collector ($0) often becomes extremely busy. With the basic replication product, there are a couple of options provided for filtering Shadowbase-specific replication messages into their own collection. This tact can prove very helpful in carefully monitoring the activity of your replication environment, whether for the purpose of business continuity, data integration, or application integration.

The first option for filtering Shadowbase-specific EMS data consists of running a product-provided filter. This filter will parse and return only events related to replication from the EMS collector files. These returned events are restricted to the following subsystems: TMF, the TAPE subsystem, and Shadowbase itself. If you look in your Shadowbase product default installation subvolume, you will see two files, STRTFILT, and FILTR. STRTFILT is a sample obey file for starting an EMS subsystem session, whereby only the mentioned subsystem messages are returned to the home (default) home terminal. FILTR is the compiled EMS filter which defines the event types for TMF, TAPE, and Shadowbase, respectively. The source code for FILTR can be found in the HPE NonStop Shadowbase Operations Manual.

Simply create an alternate EMS collector subsystem; reference from NTL the Event Management Subsystem Reference Manual for details on how to create an alternate EMS collector. Then add the following define to your Shadowbase startup macros, being sure to load the define before AUDMON starts:


<alt collector> is the $PROCESSNAME of the alternate collector you defined in the previous paragraph

Additional details on EMS collection and display of Shadowbase messages can be found in the HPE NonStop Shadowbase Operations Manual.

If you are using the SBUNIDIR/SBBIDIR/SBUNDROS/SBBIDROS configuration generation macros, you can add the DEFINE automatically to your AUDMON startup macro with the following syntax:


For details on utilizing these configuration generation macros, please reference the HPE Shadowbase Tools and Utilities Manual.

For your reference, v6.100 and newer HPE NonStop Shadowbase EMS subsystem token is GRAVIC.100.V6. In pre-v6.100 HPE NonStop Shadowbase releases, GRAVIC is replaced with ITI and V61, and may be D42 or D46 depending on the operating system relevance.

For more information, questions, or concerns about Shadowbase EMS monitoring, please contact Shadowbase Product Delivery at

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