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Shadowbase development has had a very busy summer, making progress on many fronts. HPE Shadowbase for Other Servers, Version 6.100 has been released and is now our shipping release. In addition to several critical bug fixes, Version 6.100 includes:

  • Enhancements to our Shadowbase Oracle Log Source (OLS) collection and extension of the collection to Oracle RAC based systems
  • Usability enhancements
    • Better protection when editing OPEN objects
    • Removal of obsolete COLL commands
    • DBS mapping support for single quote (‘) and double quote (“) characters
    • Changes to the column names of the SHAD_REJECT and SHAD_LOG tables to remove conflicts with SQL reserved words in some databases, and extend the support of the tables to additional databases

We are continuing to enhance our Shadowbase OLS collection based upon our clients’ experiences in the field. Several of these enhancements have been provided as Restricted TCFs to our customers. We expect these enhancements to be rolled into a new shipping release (Shadowbase Version 6.120-AAC) in the fourth quarter. In the meantime, please check with Shadowbase Support if you plan to use Shadowbase OLS collection. In addition to the TCF rollup, Release 6.120 will add bi-directional support for Shadowbase OLS collection.

We have also been working on adding DB2 source collection to HPE Shadowbase for Other Servers. This functionality is largely complete and is currently being tested by a customer. It is currently scheduled to be released in the second quarter, 2016.

We know that many customers are integrating columnar databases into their IT environments, often for data warehouse querying and particularly for supporting online analytical processing (OLAP). We are pleased to report that we have enhanced our Sybase IQ and Teradata target support to add in additional performance features, and these should be generally available to customers in the second quarter, 2016 timeframe.

We have also been enhancing HPE NonStop Shadowbase as well. Release 6.220 is under development and we expect it to be sent to QA for release around the end of November. This release will be our first general availability release that includes:

  • Support for long rows in SQL/MX tables
  • Support for long rows in Enscribe key-sequenced files
  • Support for long keys (greater than 256 bytes) in Enscribe key-sequenced files
  • Support for SYSKEY replication to SQL/MX and SQL/MP tables

(This support includes tables that use SYSKEYs as primary keys, and tables that use SYSKEYs as clustering keys within a primary key. SQL/MP tables with SYSKEYs can also be replicated by using SQL/MX replication on the target to replicate into the SQL/MP tables using the SQL/MX executor.)

  • Support to replication of Enscribe queue files while maintaining the SYSKEY values

We continue to work hard on our first synchronous replication product, Shadowbase ZDL, for HPE NonStop environments. This release will be a major milestone towards avoiding any data loss even in the event of catastrophic datacenter failure, and is a stepping stone to subsequently providing collision avoidance in active/active architectures via the follow-on product, Shadowbase ZDL Plus SR. Look for further announcements at the Connect HPE NonStop Technical Boot Camp.

We would like to remind you that the HPE NonStop Shadowbase product suite supports both HPE Integrity and Integrity/X architectures. With the termination of support for the S-Series by HPE, Shadowbase Version 6.100 is the last release that will support S-Series systems. We will continue to make critical fixes to Version 6.100 for the S-Series on an as-needed basis for our customers subject to your support contract, but we will not be enhancing the S-Series software beyond Version 6.100.

As always, please keep us abreast of your future technology direction, needs, and wants in the data replication, data integration, and data synchronization space so that we can plan to meet them accordingly.

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