March 3, 2023 — Gravic Presents on HPE Shadowbase Solutions at SunTUG Sunshine Summit

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Palm TreeXypro Steve T. PresentingThis year’s SunTUG event was a blast. At the show, Jeff Kyle, VP & GM, HPC/AI – Data Solutions, opened the show by discussing how HPE NonStop computing has achieved growth over the past four years, the developing trend of HPE NonStop software running on public cloud providers and hot industry topics and trends. HPE’s developing ransomware solution was a major focus. Justin Simonds, HPE Master Technologist, further elaborated on the details of the HPE NonStop ransomware solution and how HPE NonStop has been unassailable to worms, viruses, and related trojans and that the future focus is thwarting inside attacks.

Idelji Vedant S. PresentingPaden Holenstein & Larry CaineWe presented on several topics, including how a wave of changes is occurring within Gravic: new team members, differentiating product enhancements, the acceleration of software innovation, new releases, and the consequential growing pains. We discussed how we are evolving, and that you can too.

Accelerate your HPE NonStop operations by combining different solutions for exponential returns in the areas of: Business Continuity, Data Integration and Synchronization, Application Integration, Zero Downtime Migration, and Data Validation (Compare and Repair).

We greatly enjoyed our time in the sunshine state, along with candid discussions and networking.

Congratulations to Larry Caine of JPMC for winning our JBL Flip 4 Prize!