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January 20, 2021 — Gravic Publishes New Article on Only the Truth: Debunking TMF NonStop Data Protection Myths

Considerable Misinformation Regarding TMF

In this article, Only the Truth: Debunking TMF NonStop Data Protection Myths, we address considerable misinformation regarding the use of TMF and data auditing in general on HPE NonStop systems.

Debunking TMF Myths and Leveraging this Technology

Perceptions remain that the use of TMF is superfluous, costly, or has bad performance issues, as well as a lack of understanding or disregard for the data integrity protection benefits offered by TMF. Debunking these myths and leveraging this transformative technology is critical to empowering mission- and business-critical applications and services, and for competitively positioning NonStop applications well into the future.

The Many Advantages of Using TMF

Far from being an impediment, having a TMF audited database not only offers significant operational, reliability, and data integrity advantages, it also improves overall system performance and can lead to improved system capacity utilization. The migration from a non-audited to an audited application is a straight-forward process using the facilities provided by AutoTMF, and introduces no significant overhead. The myths and other objections raised against the use of TMF auditing and AutoTMF simply do not stand up to scrutiny.

HPE NonStop Shadowbase Data Replication

HPE NonStop Shadowbase data replication software captures change data (data created or updated by users and applications) from a transaction log, for example the TMF log on NonStop systems. As data is changed, TMF writes the changes to the transaction log, where they are read by HPE Shadowbase software for replication to a target system or application. Thus, the path to improving your overall non-audited environment runs through a TMF implementation, and the existence of applications using non-audited data is not an impediment to the deployment of an HPE Shadowbase audit-based data replication solution.

Better Your Database

We feel strongly about helping companies improve their NonStop applications and databases with auditing, so along with our HPE colleagues, we will gladly assist with running a trial/proof-of-concept with your application and your data, in your IT environment. Seeing is believing!

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