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August 31, 2020 — Gravic Announces the Updated HPE Shadowbase ETL Toolkit

Extract Database Changes or Initial Load Data

The HPE Shadowbase ETL Toolkit is used to extract database changes or initial load data into flat files for subsequent ETL loading into a target environment using comma-separated value (CSV), fixed-position, variable length, and tab-delimited formats. It can feed high-volume data quantities into a data warehouse, and row-based data into columnar databases.


When coupled with HPE Shadowbase Online Loading (SOLV), the Toolkit can: extract select data from a source database; transform/cleanse it into the proper format; save it into flat files understood by the ETL utility; and load it into a target database environment not directly supported by Shadowbase replication. Using the Toolkit, source database change data can be periodically extracted from its audit trail, and processed into a flat file format for incremental loading into the target environment using a micro-batch incremental update approach to keep the target synchronized with the source.

For more information, please read the solution brief.

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