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April 29 – May 2, 2019 — Gravic Presents at NYTUG, SCNUG, and LATUG Meetings

At the NYTUG Meeting, Paul  Holenstein and Gary Strickler visited the HPE office in Berkeley Heights, NJ. Gary enjoyed reconnecting with old faces, while Paul enjoyed chatting with our HPE colleagues and customers.  Several of the presentations were particularly appropriate.  For example, Paul Densinger discussed how to effectively modernize data and “open it” by migrating it from Enscribe into a relational SQL target (e.g., SQL/MX), which is a hot topic for HPE Shadowbase software. Our presentation touched upon this topic, showcasing a new HPE Shadowbase customer’s use case. Congratulations to Andy Burdulis from Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, who won our Beats earphones gift.

Prior to the SCNUG Meeting, Paden Holenstein arrived in Los Angeles, and took a brief tour of The Getty Center, stopped at an excellent restaurant, Ozzie’s, in Commerce, and explored the nearby area. He attended SCNUG in Orange County, and listened to a variety of topics ranging from HPE NonStop to testing to security. Attendees shared ideas and challenged each other with questions (in good faith) and later enjoyed a cocktail reception at Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que. Special thanks to Mirko Buzolitch for the ride back to the airport, where planes from LAX flew no more than fifty feet overhead, a startling experience!

Since we were unable to attend the LATUG Meeting in Bogota, Colombia, Alfredo Villarroel, an HPE Mission Critical Business Manager, presented HPE Shadowbase use cases and a brief product update on our behalf. We greatly appreciate Alfredo delivering our presentation, and in Spanish. He has many connections in South America and attends numerous shows. We look forward to seeing him at the HPE NonStop Customer Event in Chile in a few weeks!

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