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July 23, 2020 — Gravic Publishes Three New Shadowbase Solution Briefs on Zero Data Loss (ZDL), Business Continuity, and Streams for Data and Application Integration

Shadowbase Zero Data Loss (ZDL)

Shadowbase ZDL business continuity and data integration replication is for those applications where no data loss can be tolerated. Using unique and patented synchronous replication technology, Shadowbase ZDL ensures that all database changes made on a source system are successfully replicated to the target system before the source application is allowed to commit (make permanent) those changes.

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HPE Shadowbase Business Continuity Solutions

Businesses with continuous access to real-time online transactional data have a competitive advantage. HPE Shadowbase data replication solutions support low-latency, uni-directional (one-way), and bi-directional (two-way) data replication between homogeneous and heterogeneous systems and databases with scalability, selectivity, and sophisticated data transformation and mapping facilities.

HPE Shadowbase Streams — Integrate Data and Applications to Create New Solutions

HPE Shadowbase Streams for application integration and for data integration provide the facilities for integrating existing applications, services, and/or database environments in order to create new value-add functionality for a business, without the need to modify existing application code. Using HPE Shadowbase Streams, applications that once were isolated now can interoperate in real-time to provide services that were not possible before integration.

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