HPE Shadowbase Support for IBM Db2®

Dramatic Improvements in Shadowbase for Db2 Support

The brief and presentation explain how Gravic dramatically improved the support of HPE Shadowbase for Db2 as a source in data replication environments. With the latest release, HPE Shadowbase software makes it easy and cost effective to integrate your Db2 databases into the rest of your data processing environments.

HPE Shadowbase data replication can replicate from Db2 on any IBM platform/environment to any of the supported HPE Shadowbase targets, including HPE NonStop, Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, MySQL, and Sybase.

Replicating Db2 into non-database targets

The release also includes replicating Db2 data into non-traditional non-database targets, such as replicating Db2 change data into MQ series, JMS, fraud detection systems, flat-files, real-time business intelligence solutions, and other messaging targets. The latest build includes Db2 databases resident on z/OS IBM mainframe environments, as well as Db2 on AIX, Linux, Windows, etc.

 Technical Brief:
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adobe-iconHPE Shadowbase Support for IBM Db2

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