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July 9, 2021 — Gravic Publishes New Technical Brief on HPE Shadowbase Mapping Facility (SBMAP)

Gravic recently published a new technical brief on HPE Shadowbase Mapping Facility (SBMAP), which is a SQL-like scripting facility for transforming large data sets. Transforming data is critical in today’s IT landscape. To remain competitive, enterprises must collect, extract, and analyze real-time data in various parts of the organization simultaneously. Transforming large datasets is daunting, whether for migration, real-time analysis, database administration, or another reason.

Shadowbase User Exits have long been a feature to embed custom logic into the replication engine. Prior to SBMAP, all data mapping logic had to be manually programmed as a User Exit. Now, SBMAP automatically transforms in-flight data as it is replicated and defines data mapping logic without the need to write custom C, C++, or COBOL Shadowbase User Exits, by using a familiar and intuitive SQL-like syntax. Designed to work and feel like SQL/MP, SBMAP makes transforming large data sets easier than ever before.

SBMAP (currently a TCD) is sold as part of the HPE Shadowbase Essentials Software Bundle that includes several utilities to monitor, manage, and control your Shadowbase environments. For additional information on SBMAP, please visit our website or contact us.

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