Gravic Publishes Article on HPE Shadowbase Compare for Data Validation and Verification

Gravic published an article, Use HPE Shadowbase Compare and Repair Software for Data Validation and Verification, in the May/June issue of The Connection. Data replication is at the center of the HPE Shadowbase product portfolio.

It is important to monitor and correct data in order to detect and resolve improper behavior, ensure continuation of proper business operations, and comply with audit and regulatory requirements. A backup database or second copy of data is worthless unless it is correct, consistent, and a complete replica of its source database or data.

The Shadowbase Compare and Repair software suite provides the capabilities necessary to meet these needs; it validates that a target database matches its source, and reports all discrepancies found between them.

For SQL comparisons, the Shadowbase Repair function is used to correct discrepancies found between the source and target databases. Use HPE Shadowbase Compare and Repair software to validate that your source and target data accurately match in any replication architecture for continuously running business operations.

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