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Is Your Attunity NonStop Solution for Sharing Data Across Platforms or Applications Going End-of-Service-Life (EOSL)?


Customers Searching for Solutions to Remote Data Access and Connection Requirements

Several customers recently approached us looking for solutions to their remote data access/connection requirements. HPE Shadowbase software uses a data replication/data integration architecture to meet these needs, and has experience successfully deploying these solutions at a number of customer sites.

Popular HPE Shadowbase Architectures Provide Significant Advantages over Alternative Architectures

Implementing these Shadowbase solutions is also very straight-forward, regardless if the data is being replicated NonStop/NonStop, NonStop/some other platform, or other configurations. Shadowbase software has powerful utilities to aid in the data format/schema conversions, for data cleansing, transformation, and filtering.

For More Information

Please watch our presentation or read this case study, where a customer recently replaced an Attunity NonStop solution with Shadowbase software. If you have similar needs, please contact us or your HPE account team to discuss your requirements and timeline.

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