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Application Capacity Expansion

Asymmetric Capacity Expansions for Nuclear Plant Management

Asymmetric Capacity Expansion for Nuclear Plant Management

An energy provider needed to use its Plant Information Management System (PIMS) to manage the work and materials flow for its nuclear power plants. The provider uses heterogeneous replication to replicate data stored in IMS files from IBM zSeries servers to an operational...

Asymmetric Capacity Expansion for Real-Time Cell Phone Fraud Detection

    Asymmetric Capacity Expansion for Real-Time Cell Phone Fraud Detection

    A large U.S. telecommunication company operates a system for detecting fraudulent calls from cell phones. The system is required to monitor call events and watch for unusual activity such as cell-phone cloning (duplicating another cell phone’s connection signature)...

    Asymmetric Capacity Expansions for Travel Agency Booking

      Asymmetric Capacity Expansion for Travel Agency Booking

      An outsource provider of services for various travel booking agencies faced a severe capacity problem each year during the holiday season. Many of its customers wanted to go on vacation and were comparing rates and availability prior to actually booking a trip, generating on average over 700 “looks to one book.” All of this look-to-book activity....