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Transform Inflight Data Using Shadowbase Mapping


A large European financial service provider offers trading and payment services for over one hundred member banks on HPE NonStop Systems. The provider’s development team follows agile procedures in releasing new core application functionality every three to six months in response to an energetic market. The team started to plan for its next release (“day D-180”), which included a platform refresh using an existing replication engine.


  1. The existing replication engine’s availability on the new platform was delayed, and its license costs were spiraling out of control, causing the provider to look for alternatives
  2. The provider could not take an extended application outage when performing the platform refresh and delivering future releases
  3. To reduce downtime for the migration, the data needed to be transformed and loaded into the new formats in parallel with existing processing
  4. The provider needed to validate the entire process before migrating /committing to the new environment


SBMAP Diagram

SBMAP Integrates with Shadowbase to Receive the Source Data/Data Changes, Perform the In-flight Transformations, and Return the Transformed Data so it is Written to the Target in the Proper Format


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