Other Server Products

Shadowbase partners include but are not limited to Redhat, HPE, Microsoft, Linux, Oracle, IBM, Sybase, AIX, MySQL, UNIX, SuSE, and solaris

For over three decades, Gravic, Inc. has built low-latency, highly reliable data replication products for the demanding HPE NonStop (formerly Tandem) marketplace. Many Fortune 500 companies worldwide trust their priceless data to HPE Shadowbase software for solving needs that range from asynchronous and synchronous business continuity solutions to homogeneous and heterogeneous data integration (fast data) solutions.

HPE Shadowbase software extends its suite of replication products by supporting replication to and from a variety of platforms and databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and DB2 source databases on most UNIX, Linux, and Microsoft Windows platforms, as well as IBM mainframe support (z/OS) for DB2 as a source.

All of the characteristics of reliability, availability, and scalability of the HPE Shadowbase NonStop products are utilized in the Other Server products, as are the full-featured flexible capabilities such as sophisticated data transformation, filtering, cleansing, mapping, and the HPE Shadowbase Enterprise Manager (SEM) GUI command, control, and monitoring module. Data replication and some of these features are supported from Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 source databases to Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, and HPE NonStop target databases.

As shown in Figure 1, the HPE Shadowbase for Other Server replication products perform real-time change data capture (CDC) from Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 source databases using either a log file extract approach or highly efficient C external routines in the Shadowbase Collector process. These changes are generated to a Shadowbase Database of Change (DOC) that serves as a stable queue for storing the transactional data to be replicated. This capability is helpful in the event the network or target environment is unavailable. Data from the DOC can be replicated to another system using a Transaction Forwarding Server (TFS) or directly into a target database on the same or other system using a Transaction Replay Server (TRS). Additionally, the TFS or TRS can also forward the DOC data into another environment (such as a real-time business intelligence system) using Shadowbase application integration solutions.

HPE Shadowbase Products Other Server Sources Example Configuration (please see the paragraph that starts with "As shown in Figure 1" for a full image description)

Figure 1 — Example Configuration for HPE Shadowbase Other Server Sources


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