Transportation and Other Services

Stock photo of airplaneGravic continues to push the technological evolution of database replication solutions with its patented HPE Shadowbase suite of software products into many diverse industries including the travel, retail, government, and utility sectors. For the transportation sector, both service availability (business continuity) and data persistence (no data loss) are critical factors. For example, applications to perform train and track control functions must always be available, and the data providing the status of the train and track services must not be lost. HPE Shadowbase real-time data replication solutions meet both of these requirements.   Key characteristics of HPE Shadowbase data replication solutions include:

  • Active/passive through active/active business continuity architectures for maintaining service availability
  • Real-time data and application integration for data warehousing and real-time business intelligence
  • Software and hardware upgrades and migrations with no service outage using Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM)
  • Support system capacity expansion: provide the ability to allow expansion of application processing capacity beyond a single node
  • Restore flexible online corrupted database: recover changed data while the applications remain active
  • Enable audit reporting: report on what data changed when, and the original/new values
  • Database creation and refresh: create copies of your data easily, especially from production data (perhaps masking or obfuscating sensitive fields in a testing environment)
  • Refresh QA data: replay on request the exact same sequence of data changes in order, which supports QA environment regression testing
  • For asynchronous database event-triggers: watch data for certain events to occur, thresholds to be met, or changes to be made, and then notify downstream processes (or perhaps other databases) of the event (publish/subscribe functionality can be implemented when using the Shadowbase asynchronous database event-triggers technology)

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