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HPE Shadowbase Training

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Gravic is proud to offer training for the entire HPE Shadowbase suite of products. The training is provided either as pre-packaged modules aligned with the Shadowbase licensing options, or as a customizable array of modules, allowing the customer to choose the training program which best fits its usage of Shadowbase products.

Training Method

All training modules are lecture-based, and include student guides and labs, which can be configured to the customer’s environment for specific training. References to publications on HPE Shadowbase products are made throughout the modules and these are available on the HPE NonStop Technical Library. Training begins with a basic introduction to the products, and advances through required prerequisites in preparation of the more sophisticated advanced modules.

Training Courses

Training Platform

HPE Shadowbase customer training is offered either onsite or via remote access (using Citrix GotoMeeting). The customer can design its Shadowbase training program in half-day or full-day increments, though training is typically offered on a per-day basis.

Please contact us via the training request form below to discuss a customized training program:

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