HPE Shadowbase technology delivers recognized value to large enterprises worldwide with its cutting-edge data replication software solutions. Learn more about these benefits from viewing our most recent presentations:

HPE Business Continuity Product Suite Update

Audience: All

Abstract: Customers today demand continuous access to online services. Prolonged downtime (planned or unplanned) results in prohibitive costs and a loss of brand reputation. Services must remain available across catastrophic disasters and during complex system migrations and upgrades. HPE offers a suite of business continuity software products that complement the inherent fault-tolerance of the HPE Integrity Nonstop systems to continuously keep your mission-critical applications and data available. This session provides an overview of the HPE Business Continuity portfolio including the much anticipated synchronous replication that delivers Zero Data Loss during a business continuity event.

Golden 1 Credit Union Improves BASE24™ Classic Application Availability by Upgrading to HPE Shadowbase SZT Solution

Audience: All

Abstract: Golden 1 Credit Union contracted with HPE Pointnext Professional Services (HPE-PS) to migrate its existing NS2200 active/passive disaster recovery environment to three new NS2300 HPE NonStop Servers running HPE Shadowbase (HPE SB) in a Sizzling-Hot-Takeover solution. While Golden 1 already used a TMF-protected audited database with RDF, the Credit Union wanted to reduce failover down time, upgrade batch account data replication to audited files, and employ an “Active-almost Active” method for its regional BR and remote DR solutions. The HPE-PS and Golden 1 teams leveraged the HPE SB Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) procedure, successfully minimizing application downtime and mitigating any risk factors with the HPE SB solution. This case study will explain why Golden 1 chose this solution.

Unleash the Value of Your Trapped Data with HPE Shadowbase

Audience: All

Abstract: We discuss HPE Shadowbase competitive positioning, value proposition, and the overall competitive landscape. We also review new and future HPE Shadowbase product features, including support for IBM Db2® as a source; Enscribe to SQL replication enhancements; further improvements that simplify migrating from RDF or Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) to HPE Shadowbase; and additional BASE24 Classic as well as BASE24-eps feature support.

Prescription Drug Fraud Prevention – An HPE Shadowbase Data Integration Case Study

Audience: All

Abstract: Prescription drug claims fraud is big business, costing billions of dollars. To help a country’s government healthcare agency stem the losses, a centralized claims fraud adjudication and prevention decision support system was implemented. The agency chose HPE Shadowbase data replication software to provide real-time replication from an HPE NonStop claims processing system to feed the new decision support environment. Shadowbase SOLV enabled the new system to load with no application downtime. This case study provides an excellent example of how new services can be rapidly implemented by using HPE Shadowbase Data and Application Integration facilities.

Delivering Business Continuity for Vital Applications – Best Practices

Audience: All

Abstract: When it comes to enabling application availability and preventing loss from system or data center failures, some organization may be operating with outdated ideas of what really needs to be “always on.” What is the impact to your business if your customer-facing application became unavailable? What about your internal collaboration systems, what would be the impact to productivity and meeting your customer commitments? Ninety-five percent of small to large enterprises have experienced at least one unplanned data center outage in the past 24 months. There are ways to mitigate these risks and minimize or eliminate application outages. Attend this exciting talk to get some practical concepts and ideas on how to survive data center disasters.

HPE Shadowbase Support for IBM Db2®

Audience: Technical

Abstract: We dramatically improved the support of HPE Shadowbase for Db2 as a source for data replication environments. HPE Shadowbase can now replicate from Db2 on any IBM platform/environment to any of the supported HPE Shadowbase targets, including HPE NonStop, Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, MySQL, Sybase, and more. Don’t be left behind and learn how Shadowbase for Db2 can benefit you!