January, 2015 — Welcome Connection Magazine Visitors!

Connect logoWe know that all customers, including you, are very excited about HP bringing 100% fault-tolerant HP NonStop solutions to the x86 architecture! You will benefit from continued innovations for your established NonStop environments with greater scalability, performance and security. As a result, you can choose either the Intel® Itanium® architecture or the x86 architecture of Intel® Xeon® processors – another major milestone in the HP Project Odyssey roadmap to redefine the future of mission-critical computing. This announcement indicates HP’s continued commitment to the NonStop platform, so you can feel safe in deploying new NonStop applications into the future. This new platform also opens up new markets for NonStop, so we hope to see new solutions being made available in the coming months. For more information on HP NonStop X, please see the HP Strategic Announcement Brief. We hope that you are also excited that Gravic’s leading-edge Shadowbase software solutions – addressing data replication for business continuity and heterogeneous data integration requirements – are now being licensed, serviced, and supported by HP! HP Shadowbase solutions complement existing HP products, including HP NonStop RDF, HP NonStop AutoTMF, and HP NonStop AutoSync, extending the range of functionality and choice available to NonStop customers like you. By providing a single point of purchase and support for these advanced replication and data management solutions, you are benefiting from the global reach, industry expertise, and 24×7 support available from HP. HP Shadowbase for the new NonStop x86 platform will be available in the early March 2015 timeframe. For more information, please see the HP data sheet, HP Shadowbase Suite for HP NonStop and Other Servers or the HP brief, Make your Business ‘Nonstop’. The HP Shadowbase product suite extends NonStop availability into geographic fault tolerance for business continuity (active/passive, Sizzling-Hot-Takeover, and fully active/active architectures). The products enable rapid recovery from unplanned outages in times ranging from minutes (high availability, disaster recovery) to immediate (continuous availability, disaster tolerance), with data loss measured in sub-seconds. The software also provides new capabilities for integration at the data and application levels between NonStop and other heterogeneous platforms and databases, as well as data management tools for ensuring data consistency and audit compliance. For more information, please contact us.