October 19-20, 2016 — Gravic Presents at the Canadian Tandem User Group (CTUG) Fall Conference and NENUG Fall Meeting

CTUG logo - Canadian Tandem User Group Gravic presented at the CTUG Fall Conference Fall Conference and the NENUG Fall Meeting, both held at HPE Headquarters, in Mississauga, Ontario and Andover, MA respectively. We congratulate each organization for creating a powerful forum for customers, partners, and HPE executives to share success stories and best practices, learn about each other’s latest offerings and future technology, and network with one another. It takes a special effort to do all of the planning and preparation for these meetings, and we heartily thank these organizations and the attendees that support them for creating such a valuable experience. At both shows, we presented on Improving Uptime and Eliminating Risk for Disruptive Migrations with HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) Technology. If you are interested in discussing our presentation’s content or would like us to present this or other HPE Shadowbase topics to your staff, please contact us. Congratulations to Emile Roach of Scotiabank and Jere Douglas of CGI for winning our Sennheiser headphones gifts!