May 11, 2016 — Gravic Presents at the BITUG BIG SIG Conference

BigSIG 2016 logoGravic attended the BITUG BIG SIG Conference held in London and presented: Reducing Downtime and Eliminating Risk for Disruptive Migrations with HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) Technology. If you are interested in discussing this presentation’s content or would like us to present it to your staff, please contact us. Congratulations to Peter Frost of Euroclear who won our GoPro Hero camera prize! In preparation for hosting the 2017 European User Group (ETUG) Conference in the United Kingdom next May, BITUG promoters gave vendors and participants a sneak preview of the 2017 “EBITUG” agenda and venue, estimating that there will be 12 to 15 booths. (In recent years, ETUG was hosted by GTUG, the German User Group.)