February 25, 2016 — Gravic Publishes New Case Study Bank Chooses HPE Shadowbase Solutions for BASE24™ Business Continuity

Stock photo of beautiful island city Gravic publishes a new case study, Bank Chooses HPE Shadowbase Solutions for BASE24™ Business Continuity. A regional bank serving a major resort island took an aged BASE24 system and upgraded both the hardware platform and BASE24 software with no outages except for a brief disconnect/reconnect time during the final cutover. The bank also replaced a legacy costly data replication product with HPE Shadowbase software. In addition to bringing its system into PCI compliance, the bank implemented reliable failover procedures that reduced its downtime due to a production failure from two hours to under four minutes. The bank is now positioned to reduce its outage time to just seconds when it moves to a full Shadowbase sizzling-hot-takeover configuration. This case study illustrates that there are no barriers to choosing Shadowbase software as your BASE24 business continuity solution.