October 1, 2015 — Gravic Announces New Shadowbase Website

Stock photo of screen displaying "News" Welcome to our new website! You will see major improvements in both high-level and technical content and graphics, with easy-to-use “drill-down style” page navigation under six major tabs: Solutions, Products, Support, Publications, About Us, and Contact Us, and a convenient site map at the bottom of each page. Our home page focuses on our four major solutions: Business Continuity, Data Integration and Synchronization, Application Integration and Utilities, all linking to in-depth information. Located under the Publications tab are our popular white papers, case studies, and articles, all categorized by Shadowbase solution type, as well as recent news and newsletters. Other highlights include expanded pages on Shadowbase products and support/service. We hope that you enjoy visiting our new site! Note, we are no longer updating our old website and will retire it within the next year, so please change all references you may have from www.gravic.com/shadowbase to www.shadowbasesoftware.com.