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HPE Shadowbase Enterprise Manager (SEM)

Stock photo of green traffic lightHPE Shadowbase Enterprise Manager (SEM) is a Windows-based GUI interface for command and control of HPE Shadowbase environments, and is included with all Shadowbase data replication products. SEM is designed to enable the monitoring and status of Shadowbase installations on all of the platforms that Shadowbase software supports. Ease-of-use features, such as simple graphical stop lights that are configured for each Shadowbase process or component, make the product easy to learn and use for new operators. Stop lights can be configured to warn of processes which are down or may be encountering difficulties, and email/pager alerts can be sent to operators when such conditions persist. SEM allows users to view all Shadowbase messages from multiple systems and processes from one location. Figure 1 is an example of a SEM screen, showing the status of various Shadowbase run-time components.

SEM sample dashboard with various traffic lights and various status updates

Figure 1 — HPE Shadowbase Enterprise Manager