Data Integration Solution for Paper Manufacturer


A paper manufacturer ran its applications on an HPE NonStop server, performing substantial data queries and complex analysis of its paper manufacturing plants. However, it wanted to offload some of these applications from the NonStop server to a Windows SQL server, and it could not take its operations offline while doing so.

HPE Shadowbase Solution Data Integration of Heterogeneous Systems:
In Figure 1, certain applications feed plant operational data to a NonStop server. In order to offload processing from the NonStop server while keeping IT services operational, Shadowbase data and application integration is used to replicate the application’s data to a Windows SQL server. The manufacturer also deployed new application services on the Windows server for processing the information.

For a full image description, please see the paragraph that starts with "In Figure 1."

Figure 1 — Shadowbase for Heterogeneous Data and Application Integration

  • Though the new applications reside on the SQL server system, certain application functions dealing with processing the incoming data feed must remain on the NonStop server.
  • The NonStop server continues to receive and process the data feed, and then trickle-feed the results to the SQL server system via asynchronous data replication.

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The above was adapted from the book: Breaking the Availability Barrier, Volume III: Active/Active Systems in Practice by Paul J. Holenstein, Dr. Bruce Holenstein, and Dr. Bill Highleyman.