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Newer Archived Articles — As Published in The Connection, 2011-2015

  1. A Bank’s Crisis Migration to a New Data Replication Solution
  2. A Large Financial Institution Migrates Datacenters with No Downtime Using HPE Shadowbase ZDM
  3. Bank Chooses Sizzling-Hot-Takeover Data Replication for its BASE24 Business Continuity Solution
  4. HP (HPE) NonStop Business Continuity Product Suite: An Introduction
  5. HP (HPE) Pathway Domains and Data Replication—Perfect Together!
  6. HPE Shadowbase Software Enables Operational Analytics for Commodity Big Data
  7. Leveraging a Big Data Analytics Engine for Meaningful Insights
  8. One Bank’s March Towards Active/Active
  9. Real-Time Data Replication for Prescription Drug Fraud Prevention at a Large Government Healthcare Agency
  10. Stock Exchange and Clearinghouse Accelerate Operations and Improve Availability with Data Replication
  11. The Evolution of Real-Time Business Intelligence and How to Achieve It Using HPE Shadowbase Software
  12. Using Data Replication to Offload Online Host Processing and Enable New Business Applications
  13. Vodacom’s One Year Recovery
  14. Winning the Battle Against Internet Banking Fraud by Leveraging Real-Time Data Integration